Ragusa Sun: Acrylic Paint on Asphalt

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When it comes to cool projects, this has to be up there.

The painting of a high school courtyard by influential artist and painter, HENSE.

‘Our hope is for the work we painted in the courtyard at liceo scientifico to add an element of inspiration and curiosity for the students of the school,’ HENSE

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The logistics of such a project would have been complex, but the results are spectacular.

Thomas Creative would definitely be up for a project like this in the future.

HENSE Designboom blog post
HENSE artist Designboom

See the full post on Desginboom.

Project Info:

Name: Ragusa Sun (courtyard painting)
Year: 2018
Materials: acrylic paint on asphalt
Dimensions: 14×45 meters (45×147 feet)
Location: Liceo Scientifico e. Fermi, Ragusa, Sicily
Commissioned and organised by: Festiwall and Liceo Scientifico
Photography: Piero Sabatino