Car Wraps – Trends for 2023

Vehicle wraps are becoming increasingly popular as a way to promote a business or personalise an individual’s car.

With the rise of technology and the ease with which it is now possible to create custom vehicle wraps, the possibilities for creating unique and eye-catching designs are virtually limitless.

As we look ahead to 2023, here are some trends in car wraps we can expect to see more of.

Vibrant Colors and Bold Graphics

People are becoming more comfortable expressing themselves through their cars and will want to stand out by using bold colours and eye-catching graphics.

We can expect to see more vibrant colours used on car wraps in 2023 and larger and more intricate graphics that make a statement.

This trend is especially true for businesses looking to grab attention; they will add bright colours and larger logo designs that leave a lasting impression.

Incorporating Company Logos & Contact Information

Businesses will continue to use vehicle wraps to promote their brand or advertise their services. This means incorporating company logos and contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses or website URLs into their designs.

With this trend, businesses should focus on creating visually appealing designs that clearly communicate their message—while keeping in mind that subtlety can be just as effective as boldness when it comes to vehicle wraps.

Clear & Easy-to-Read Typography

Typography plays an important role in any vehicle wrap design; it must be clear and easy to read from a distance if it impacts potential customers or passersby.

We expect typography trends in 2023 to focus on legibility over flashiness; simple sans serif fonts will likely be favoured over ornate scripts, while font sizes should be kept large enough to be still read from afar without sacrificing clarity.

Unique Vehicle Wraps

Finally, businesses are experimenting with unique vehicle wraps that combine more than one element together for a truly unique look.

For example, some companies combine bright colours with bold typography or incorporate multiple images into their wraps for an unforgettable design. This type of wrap can really set you apart from other vehicles on the road and help you attract more attention from potential customers.


Vehicle wraps are an excellent way for businesses or individuals to make a statement with their cars without spending too much money or time doing so.

As we move into 2023, we can expect bolder colours and graphics, company logos and contact information incorporation into designs, and clearer typography being used on vehicle wraps across Australia—especially in areas like Wollongong, where there is greater demand for these kinds of services.

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something loud, there’s sure to be something out there for you! Get in touch with Thomas Creative, and let us help you with your design needs.