Keyna Imray

Set Builder/CNC Operator

Keyna came to Thomas Creative in May 2008 for 3 weeks as a set builder. (Waiting for Baz Lurhmans Australia to start production)

With trade qualified carpentry/joinery and Cabinetmaking skills, her passion for set building grew while working in the feature film industry in Sydney.

After a permanent sea change to the Illawarra, she found Thomas Creative. 

Additional skills in CAD and CNC routing have given her a niche role in the company. 

Some of her other skills/jobs have been:

  • Circus show rigger with a touring circus.
  • Making aerial trapeze, hula hoops, stilts
  • House painting
  • Knife and Tool Sharpening

Keyna lives in Mt Kembla with her partner Jane and their 3 kids, 2 rabbits and 3 budgies.